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"В какой аудитории будет выступать оркестр?"

Translation:Which auditorium will the band perform in?

February 28, 2017



I hope nobody comments about whether a preposition is something you should end a sentence with.


See? That definitely wasn't something you should've worried about.


Please accept "In which auditorium will the orchestra play?" It's correct English, and closer to the Russian. Reported.

Later update: also
- "Which auditorium will the orchestra be performing in?"
- "In which auditorium will the orchestra be performing?" (closest to the Russian)


Alright...how often does оркестр translate as band? And is it limited to just a musical band? I mean, would you call Nirvana or Metallica an оркестр?


As a rule, оркестр is a band with groups of instruments, means there are several instruments with same name that play exact same line through the whole performance. You can call Metallica 'ВИА' (VIA), 'Вокально-инструментальный ансамбль' (but it will be even more archaic)


Now it just calls Группа - Группа Металлика


"Аудитория" sounds rather weird here; it is used much more often in universities (where people listen to a professor, rather than to the music).

"Зал" is the most appropriate word for a large room used for performances, e.g.: "в како́м за́ле...", "пройди́те в зал", "зал был перепóлнен".

A Russian joke (' анекдо́т'):

A theatre director says to the playwright that he cannot stage the latter's play because he is against four-letter words in a theatre ('мат' is swear words in Russian): - Но, позво́льте, в мое́й пье́се нéт ма́та! - Мат бу́дет в за́ле. (Curtains.)


Actually, you shouldn't end the sentence in a preposition. Sorry Bill. The sentence should be "In which auditorium is the band going to play" or something equivalent to that.


This is one type of nonsense up with which I will not put.


This is at least the second question where orchestra has been marked wrong. It doesn't make an sense when the translation Duolingo itself gives for оркестр are "band, orchestra".

Please correct these questions to accept both.

BTW was The Electric Light Orchestra an orchestra or a band or both?


Why not "In what kind of auditorium will the orchestra be performing?"


That's not proper English, at least in american english.


It is a perfectly fine American English sentence. It is just the wrong translation.


Is "a rock band" "рок-оркестр" then XD?


My answer is the same as the correction and the software recognize it like the wrong answer!


In Gernan the word "auditorium" can refer to the place as well as the people within (audience). Does the same apply to the russian аудитория? Thanks in advance.

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