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stuck behind a typo in "Iliad"

There is a typo in the Greek in lesson 4 of the ABC unit - "Ιλιάδα" must have an English letter in it somewhere, because it's not accepted as a translation for "Iliad." Can't get the question right, can't skip the lesson, can't move forward. I am disappointing the owl!

(I am using the app for Android. Filed a bug report the other day, doesn't seem to be fixed yet. Is there any workaround?)

February 28, 2017

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I had a look at the sentences for lesson 4 of the ABC unit and all the alternatives for "translate English to Greek" seem to be using Greek letters, as far as I can tell.

If you're using a mobile app -- I think that comes with the lessons bundled with the app, so any changes we've made in the incubator recently may not be present in the app until a future update.

Workaround: use the website to practise, at least for this skill until you have passed it.

Also, we're slowly working on adding tips and notes to the lessons to explain things, and those are only available on the website anyway, not in any of the mobile apps (yet) - yet another reason to prefer the website for learning (and to turn to the app only for revision of things you already mostly understand).

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