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  5. "Μία στιγμή"

"Μία στιγμή"

Translation:A moment

February 28, 2017



Is στιγμή it related to 'stigma'?


Στιγμή (moment) and στίγμα (mark,spot, or speck) both originate from the same ancient Greek verb, στίζω (carve a mark). You can see how stigma and στίγμα are obviously related. :)

(Also, στίζω has the meaning of use punctuation marks, which is why στιγμή is another word for dot.It's not commonly used, this way though, not at all.)


Please stop insisting on accented μία, both μια and μία are correct


I assure you that both Μία and Μια are accepted. In fact, all unaccented words are accepted; it is a policy of the course. So any error was not due to the accent.


a while was marked incorrect. can you pls tell whats the word for "a while"? or is a while incorrect in english (as noun)? thanks.


The closest to "a while" would be "σε λίγο". For example: "I'll be here for a while." "Θα είμαι εδώ για λίγο."

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