Words of the day 28/02/2017

Arabic: وصف: to describe

Balinese: nganggen: to use

Chinese: 暖和: warm

Dari: گپ زدن: to talk

Dutch: iemand: somebody

Esperanto: raŭpo: caterpillar

French: délavé: faded

German: das Fahrrad: bicycle

Hebrew: היעדרות: absence

Hindi: देश: country

Indonesian: tahun kabisat: leap year

Irish: a rá: to say

Italian: svegliare: to wake up

Japanese: 卒業生: graduate

Korean: 영화배우: movie star

Latin: sera: late, too late

Norwegian: ekteskapslov: marriage law

Pashto: فکر کول: to think

Polish: rozwiązywać: to solve

Portuguese: preto: black

Russian: загадочный: mysterious

Spanish: gastar: to spend money

Swedish: (en) angel: angel

Turkish: öfke: anger

Urdu: دودھ پلانے والے جانور: mammal

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February 28, 2017



February 28, 2017


February 28, 2017

Thanks for the link

February 28, 2017

How do you get words in all that languages? Is there a setting for that there: ?

(because it looked like when I tried it you can only get 1 word in 1 language. You could maybe repeat the same subscription for all that different languages, but maybe there is one setting for that).


February 28, 2017

that one link leads to the main page where you can choose out of quite a few different languages. it only does one word per day on each language.

March 2, 2017
  • So I chose all the natural languages, something like 24 totally.

  • But now I am getting 24 separate emails everyday.

  • Question: Do you also get so many emails (24 different), or instead only 1 email with all 24 languages in it?

March 2, 2017

i don't know. i didn't sign up to have emails sent so i am not really sure

March 2, 2017

OK, understood. Getting emails is a bit more automatic and you have to do nothing (so more passive) like going to the website (that is more active). Thanks.

March 2, 2017
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