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I am wondering if there is a quick way to see what students have completed an assignment to complete particular skills. I know that if the assignment is to get X amount of XP, you can see all of that information easily. However, my assignments are typically to complete certain skills. When you click on a class, it shows the total number of missing, late and on-time assignments. It might show 9 for on-time, 2 for late, and 0 for missing, but not necessarily which category "foods" falls into. I know you can click on each student and see if the assignment in question was late or missing or on-time, but that is time consuming.

Is there a way to reset the assignments once they are in the grade-book so that all I have to do is to look at whether the number shows up in the red, green or orange?


2/28/2017, 4:16:41 PM
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