"He is fine."


February 28, 2017

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As far as I understand (I've studied Swahili in a class for a few years), the English translation is a bit odd. So "yeye ni mzuri" is technically correct for "he is fine," but "hajambo" is more of a greeting, and you would never say "yeye ni mzuri" if the question asked was "Hajambo?" Words ending in jambo function as both a question and a response.

"Ha" is a third-person singular signifier, just like how "si" is first person singular and "hu" is second person singular, so "hujambo" is "how are you" and "sijambo" is "I am fine."


Thanks for all the info!


Just out of curiosity, can one say "yeye ni mzuri?"


you can, you can also say 'yeye ni sawa' they all mean the same thing. Swahili was my first language and I'm forgetting and its kinda annoying being told that I am wrong when I know that I aint


Though depending on context - I would have translated "Yeye ni mzuri." as "He is good/beautiful." - it is less common (in what I have heard).


I am unclear on the reason why 'yeye hajambo' would not be accepted if anyone could help.


Report it - it is fine; putting "yeye" in front is stressing "him" - similar to French "je" and adding "moi" at the beginning.


Thought this was how is he? Not he is fine.


It all depends on the punctuation mark. With a questionmark it is a question. With a dot it's the affirmation.


I responded with 'Ako salama'. I believe that should be an acceptable answer as well.

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