The audio isn't working and pictures for words aren't working

What is happening?

February 28, 2017

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Service provider outage

Our primary service provider is currently experiencing an outage of its storage platform, which is causing the following issues:

  • Duolingo website - Slowness and loss of some functionality
  • Duolingo English Test - Unable to upload test
  • Duolingo for Schools - Outage

Status, Feb 28, 18:12 UTC

February 28, 2017

do you know when you provider will fix it?
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It should be fine now. Are you experiencing any issues?

unfortunately, I still don't get any exercises where I could speak

Same for me. It just keeps showing the loading bar on the tab. I'm guessing it isn't loading correctly.

WoogaGirl - Why? Is the 1 new topic a day cluttering up the forum? :p I don't even see a trouble-shooting forum. It's just a single discussion stream..

Apparently this is a problem for many (including me). If you would though, please move this to the trouble-shooting forum to keep the forum clean and helpful. Cheers!

It is driving me insane. I just spent 20 MINUTES on a refresher lesson with 52 QUESTIONS because I had to keep skipping the listening ones. :(

Are you speaking about MEMRISE? In German and English the Pictures are OK, but in Norwegian not!

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