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Random Thought for a Cool Feature

Firstly, let me explain the term "laddering" for anyone not already familiar. Laddering is using a language you have learned to progress to the next one. For instance, let's say I finish the Spanish tree on DuoLingo (as a native English speaker); next, I want to learn French. But, instead of joining the French for English speakers tree, I join the French for SPANISH speakers and build on both at the same time - you get the idea.

Wouldn't it be cool if DuoLingo factored this into your xp? Here's how it could work. In your profile, there would be a new slot for "native language." In my case, this would be English. Once designated, any tree xp gained from a tree written "for English speakers," would up my level for the X language, but not English (where I'm exempt). But, if I signed up for X for X speakers (i.e. French for Spanish speakers) I would begin tallying xp for both languages, to reflect that I'm practicing both at once.

Thoughts? Critiques? Amens? Please post your thoughts!

February 28, 2017



Millions of Duolingo students already do this. Because there is no course from their native language to the foreign language they like to learn.


Honestly this only works if you are learning one of the more popular languages or if you are not a native English speaker, as many of Duolingo's courses are only available in English and a few others.


This is a good idea, but there's the problem that it could be abused for quick XP gain.


Very true, and very sad. Oh well. Still, I can dream.

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