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The frequent habits of people from various countries.

Do you regularly ask your guests if they would like to shower?

Do you point with your lips?

Do you tip your server at a restaurant?

Whether it’s how you greet people or a different way of eating old favorites, each country has its own signature traditions. Here are some you might’ve picked up living in these countries.

Read the full article by clicking here.

Keep in mind while you're reading that not every country is a monolith and neither are the people who live there. So, even within the countries listed in this article, expect some variation in custom and behavior.

The best point to take from all of this is to do your research if you are planning to travel. :)

February 28, 2017


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This is a fun read, thank you! I find number 12 untrue for Iran, while number 7 is true for us, unless we're shopping somewhere stylish!

February 28, 2017


Nice article, great read!


According to that article: ''[...]you’re probably familiar with the custom of people asking whether you wanted a shower.[...]" Well, that is not necessarily true, I've never seen in my whole life people offering to each other a bath when a guest comes to our house, however the fact that we take shower a lot due to the heat and high temperatures is true. :)


Implying that Germans tell like it is..

Eeeeh................. the Netherlands are more like that.

Besides, 'friendships being actual friendships' and 'tipping MIGHT be seen as punitive' are true, although tipping IS punitive. Especially for the customer. Just pay your own people decently :p

Also, haggling is common everywhere around the world. It isn't just an Indian thing. It happens here as well, and in Italy, where-ever.

Otherwise, an interesting article!


When I was 7 or so, my dad taught me how to haggle at flea markets. (I live in the US).

One of the things I value about having this space for discussion, is that Duolingoers can fill in missing information, and highlight the fact that there is a lot of variation in countries. It's definitely a more educational experience than just reading articles like these alone. :)


They's have to pay me a whole lot more than twice minimum wage for me to give up tips.


being yourself is the best whenever you travel


Thanks for posting this! :)


thanks that is really good to know!

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