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  5. "Το τεστ των υποψηφίων."

"Το τεστ των υποψηφίων."

Translation:The test of the candidates.

February 28, 2017



What does this mean? I've never heard this phrase in English before.


Presumably, there are several candidates for a specific position (perhaps they want to be a council member for a city).

You want to give these candidates a test to determine whether they are suitable for this position that they have applied for.

Then that test could be "the test of the candidates".


Personally, I like these slightly puzzling sentences because they take me out of my comfort zone.


We should have that for all candidates in the USA (and elsewhere!), on the Constitution, supreme court rulings, history, and humanity


Presumably... but like Stavroula said, neither have I heard this in English. And besides, the construction of the English phrase is wrong. It should be:

The candidates' test (Note the apostrophe AFTER the 's' which denotes plural possessive)

Questions? Can a moderator please update this so that DL doesn't continue to teach improper/awkward-sounding English?


    Do the candidates own the test though? Or is it a test for the candidates?

    Moderators don't update the answers database, only course contributors have access to that. ;)


    Is "των υποψήφιων" also correct?

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