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  5. "Το νησί είναι δημοφιλές."

"Το νησί είναι δημοφιλές."

Translation:The island is popular.

February 28, 2017



how does δημοφιλές work? it looks feminine plural to me and i know το νησί is singular...any help appreciated!


Oh no, it's not feminine plural xD It's a special adjective category.

For singular:

(ο/η) δημοφιλής (masc. and fem.), (το) δημοφιλές (neut.)

For plural:

(οι) δημοφιλείς (masc. and fem.), (τα) δημοφιλή (neut.)

So, since το νησί is neuter singular, it's δημοφιλές.

There is nothing about this type in the tips and notes, but we plan on adding the info to the new tree, as well as make a seperate skill for adjective categories that are a bit more uncommon, like this one. ^.^


Does this group of adjectives only have certain words in it or does this form depend on the word it’s describing?


Any noun can be used with these adjectives. It's just a special category. There are other ones too, like υγιής (healthy), συνεπής (consistent), ακριβής (precise), διεθνής (international) etc. ^.^


This category of adjectives is sort of a remnant from a category that existed in Ancient Greek, so the adjectives still follow the same inflection: -ης, -ης, -ες


το δημοφιλες ειναι επιθετο δηλαδη ο δημοφιλης , η δημοφιλης , το δημοφιλες and it is used in order to characterise the word '' νησι' .


Ο Μύκονος είναι ειδικά δημοφιλής... =D


(Η Μύκονος. Most of the greek islands are feminine in gender. ;D)

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