"I clean the room."

Translation:Ninasafisha chumba.

March 1, 2017

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When do you use kusafisha and when do you use kuosha? (hope those are the correct infinitive forms).


Great question! There's 3 types of washing that we've learnt so far: (up to lesson 2)

  • kusafisha - to clean, cleaning (infinitive) - have a look here - to make pure
  • kuosha - to wash, washing (with water) - have a look here
  • kufua = to wash, washing, to do laundry (infinitive) - have a look here

If you then click on the links you'll see the wikitionary definitions which are:

  • -safisha - Causative form of safi: to clean here
  • -osha - Wash, rinse, clean with water here
  • -fua - To beat (against); to launder here

So overall:

  • kusafisha = to clean - (for example "clean/tidy a room")
  • kuosha = to wash/rinse/clean with water (for example "clean a car")
  • kufua = to do laundry/to wash clothes - (so this is specifically for washing clothes)

I hope that helps. Let me know if I made any mistakes. :-)


Confused by the two as well.


ive been told theyre the same and be used interchangeably


Wouldn't it also be correct to say "Nasafisha chumba"?


I heve a problem to anderstend the swahilli classes


"Ninasafisha chumbani" is also correct?


Can you also say ninafuta chumba or nafuta chumba


'futa' is specific to mopping or wiping something

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