"Kwa nini unapenda Kiswahili?"

Translation:Why do you like the Swahili language?

March 1, 2017

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Ninapenda Kiswahili kwa sababu Kiswahili ni lugha nzuri na Kiswahili ni kutisha. (I like Swahili because Swahili is a beautiful language and Swahili is awesome)


I'm a Bantu, and it's my duty to practice kiswahili.


It's not your duty. You've got one life! Do what makes you happy. I hope learning Swahili makes you happy. :-)


The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness.


If everyone of Bantu descent thought like you, Kiswahili will soon come to have a billion speakers within the EAC and SADC. Hopefully more young africans come to think like this, and come together to unify the continent.


Honest answer? I think the verbs are cool.


Definitely with you on that one.


My mother tongue is Arabic, I lived in Kenya for a year and a half and my wife is kenyan, I love the language and the way it is spoken, and the similarities with Arabic makes it more interesting and easy to learn


is kwa nini another way of saying why? I thought "mbona" meant why. Does anyone know when either way of saying why (mbona/kwa nini) would be used?


Mbona is like if you are realy shocked, its almost like saying "why the f***?" However kwa nini is a more relaxed way of asking "why?"


I do not need to put language after "the Swahili..." This needs to be sorted out. There are too many things we are being marked wrong for. This is a good sentence that could be a good teaching aid.


"Why do you (like/love) Swahili?" is accepted


It didn't accept it for me.


The answer is correct even without "the"


It's a shame that a Ugandan cannot communicate with other East Africans if they don't know English. Swahili is important because it expands my communication locally...


Manyofa, if you are Bantu you needn't to practice your own language ! But me ? I have really fun to learn kiswahili !


swahili has not meant for Bantus it's the mixture of Arabic and Bantu there many Bantus who don't know the Swahili language even there some who can't pronounce the words correctly. in addition to that, every Bantu community has its own local language


True, i was born in Uganda. We rarely spoke swahili. Though some of the words we used were similar to swahili so it's not that difficult for me to learn it


Ninapenda Kiswahili sababu it can be easily read and pronounced even if you have no idea what it means. I love that the words are syllables put together without accents and squiggles that mean you have to pronouce the words differently.


because it is like Indonesian (politically and socially, not linguistically)


Kwa nini means why? Is amthere any other way of saying 'why'?


Because I just do! <3

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