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My Chrome's most visited sites never included Duolingo

I visit Duolingo several times a day yet Chrome doesn't show it as one of my most visited sites. Any ideas why?

February 24, 2013



It is possible that you accidentally removed the site's thumbnail by hitting the x that appears on the top right of it when hovering.

The only way I know of to bring them back is to actually hit the x on another one of the thumbnails to remove it, and you will then be given an option that says "Restore all", which will bring back any you may have accidentally removed.

If that doesn't work, then I would imagine it is some sort of Chrome problem because duolingo.com is showing up in my top sites.

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No, but you can install the Duolingo Chrome app instead. :)


I can't find the Chrome app in the Chrome Web Store. What happened to it?

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