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Lost my streak on app

I've been doing duolingo on my iphone everyday, and I still have my 38 day streak on the app. When I logged on to the website today I only had a five day streak on the website. Has anyone else had this problem? Why the discrepancy?

March 7, 2014



there was some discrepancy between the app and the webpage in that one was showing language specific streaks and the other overall streaks. Another thing I have heard is that if you use the coach feature, the coach counts days you meet your goals while the webpage counts the streak. (The later sounds less likely though, as you app streak is longer).

Could it be one of the two?


The mobile apps show language specific streaks, so sometimes they will be lower than the website (although you can still see your overall streak by looking at your profile on mobile).
If I had to guess, this is an issue of being 'on track' with the coach, but missing a day of practice.


The app just updated to match the website streak. I think I might have missed a day but didn't notice because the dot was green on the app since I met my goal with the coach. Anyway, I turned the coach off on the app because I think that was what got me confused.


I was thinking about getting the app since I will be away from home in a couple weekends from now, but I was afraid that if I did it over phone that I would lose my streak when I log on to the computer. I'm only learning 1 language, so will I have this problem?

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I just updated my ipad iOS version and the app shows only 1 day streak, when the website shows 79 days... And for Spanish that shows me also 79 days in the app, even when I did not touch that language since 60 days....

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