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  5. "Nyama ya ng'ombe na kuku"

"Nyama ya ng'ombe na kuku"

Translation:Beef and chicken meat

March 1, 2017



Why not ‘beef and chicken’ ? En English one seldom refers to chicken meat. The word chicken is used both for the live and dead animal, unlike most other meats (cow/beef, pig/pork, sheep/mutton deer/venison)


"Beef and chicken" is a perfect translation in British English when referring to what we eat. We don't talk about eating cow but we do say we eat chicken. Most of the beef in Britain is not from cows but from bullocks.


What is wrong with "Beef and chicken meat"? It was marked as incorrect.


I suppose because in English beef already implies the "meat" - as can chicken; but they shouldn't be so picky. There are people who say it for clarification - I'd say report it.


Why can you just say "kuku" for chicken meat, but you cant say "ng'ombe" for beef


Why can you just say "I'm eating chicken." but not "I'm eating cow."? :) (language logic - at least it seems to correlate with the English)

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That's one reading: "Nyama ya ng'ombe na kuku", meaning "meat of a cow, and a chicken".

But you could also read it as "Nyama ya ng'ombe na kuku" - "meat of a cow and of a chicken". So the literal translation could also be "Cow and chicken meat."

The test would be if they swapped the cow and the chicken round. Would that be "Nyama ya kuku na ng'ombe" or "Kuku na nyama ya ng'ombe"? (My money's on the first one.)


Should it accept cow's meat or is it just beef?


It is bovine meat and a live chicken.


the fact that chicken is "kuku"

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