"La casa de ella tiene un techo negro."

Translation:Her house has a black roof.

February 24, 2013

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Would tejado be more specific for roof?


I looked up these 2 words. Tejado means a tiled roof - seems to be exterior only. Techo can be roof or ceiling, interior or exterior. According to spanishdict.com. Interesting.


Just to add up - I think "techo" means more like "something which provides a shade". So "ceiling" actually should be much proper word for "techo". But in some cases a roof can actually be a ceiling as well. Let's say in some old house or shop or houses in which poor people live. I don't you would know it if you are an American. But here in India we have a lot of poor people living or working in houses/buildings which don't have any ceiling at all, but roofs used as ceilings


Which one is grammatically correct, "La casa de ella" or "su casa" ?


Both, I believe, but "Su casa.." leaves the meaning open to " his/her/your house". So without more context, it would be hard to know which one it is. For example "Su casa tiene un techo negro?" would work in a conversation where the identity of "su" was clear.


That's exactly what I was thinking, thank you


Wouldn't 'your house' be 'tu casa?'


Your house can be translated into Spanish as 'tu casa'. It can also be 'su casa' assuming that the you is Ud. or Uds. or as 'vuestro casa' if is you is translated to vosotros.


Wasn't techo ceiling up until now?


techo = roof = ceiling


That's not going to help me talk to the building contractor, is it? :)


This is the reason why I love reading the comments so much. It not only helps understanding and clearing up things but also when someone comes up with such nice, curt and humorous remarks it makes learning much more fun. In a way these comments are my motivation for learning the language. And that's why Duolingo rocks. You won't find learning a language on your own so much fun elsewhere.


I too enjoy the playfulness.


I'm not an expert but couldn't you easily differentiate between them by using techo interno/externo? (If there really aren't different terms for ceiling/roof.)


Just wait until we get to cement/concrete. :)


"The house of hers has a black roof." is accepted. I guess they are only looking for correct Spanish because that sounds unnatural in English. Makes it hard to translate.


Then go the plain and simple route, "Her house has a black roof.“


"Her house has a black roof"That what I think is the correct translation "The house of hers" is,may be, old English, however not anymore used. I lost one hart on this


how come "la casa" can't mean "the house"?


It can and does. In this case "La casa de ella.." is literally "the house of her.." which does not work in English. So, it gets flipped around to "her house.." and the "the" disappears. Just another bit of language magic!


Oh okay, thank you so much!


The why can't it be the girl's house?


Since I got a whole mit full, I give out lingots these days for comments above and beyond the usual stuff as rewards. Duo encourages our doing this. So, here's one for you, Percy.


So, I was wondering, I translation I have is "La casa de ella tiene un techo negro." And "techo" is the form of "I". Do you guys always use that in Spanish?


"Techo" is a noun, not a verb :)

I wonder Spanish does use the verb "to roof" meaning to install a roof?


Is there a specific word for her?


I used have instead of has and got it incorrect :(


The house of her or hers?!! IT is not correct in english


Right. But it's possible to say "her house" two ways in Spanish: su casa and la casa de ella. In English, we say only "her house."


would "su casa tiene un techo negro" work too?

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