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"Dad drinks beer every evening."

Translation:Baba anakunywa bia kila jioni.

March 1, 2017



Baba yako atapata tumbo la bia hivi karibuni!


The correct translation ought to be "Baba hunywa bia kila jioni"


If you say 'Baba anakunywa bia kila jioni', it means dad is drinking beer every evening.


If the descriptor in Swahili always comes after the object, wouldn't kila come after jioni to describe which evenings he drinks beer?


Hunywa is negative, isn't it?


No, it's the habitual tense, indicating an action that's done on a regular basis. I don't know which lessons this sentence comes from, and if you already have learned the habitual. If not, there is a later lesson on this tense. 'You don't drink' is Hunywi, because the final 'a' of the verb changes into 'i' for the negative present tense.

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