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I need help please!

I've been doing duolingo since august and I havent gotten far until now. Now i need to keep going and get words down. But i'm having a hard time how to speak the words I know and if anyone would like to help, i will highly appreciate it. Thanks dudes <sub>~</sub>Alex

March 1, 2017



depends on what language


i can help with dutch and french, thats it


If you're looking for help with specific sentences, post on the discussions for those specific sentences; a button labelled discussion pops up after you click check on each question.

If you have a specific question about Spanish, post your question in the Spanish forum, and someone will answer it for you. Do a search first, though - there's a good chance your question has already been asked and answered.

If you're looking for a language exchange partner, there are sites dedicated to putting language learners in touch with each others. Have a look at the list of language exchange sites on the Multilingual learning resources page on the Duolingo Wiki.


thank you. ill be sure to do that next time


Let's do a mathematical approach. You have 1364 XP on your Spanish. Let's say 1370. Since August, it's been 7 months, let's skip August and say 6 months.

1370 XP = 137 lessons

137 lessons / 6 months = 23 courses / month

(23 courses / month) * ( 1 month / 30 days) = 0.76 courses /day

Duolingo kindly recommends at least 1 course / day, and doing it without skipping any day. And this is the minimum actually, normal pace is recommended as 3 courses / day. If we say there are 30 days / month, we have 180 days in 6 months so what Duolingo recommends was to do 180 courses in a given interval.

You are basically 180 - 137 = 43 lessons below the minimum. Imagine the difference from normal. Mathematically again, (43 / 137) * 100 = %31. You would have studied %31 more if only you have obeyed to the minimum goal.

So, thanks for the math, isn't it normal that you are not able to go far?

Study more, and everything will be just fine!


Oh, very nice calculation.

Spec "Courses":
You don't mean courses :-)
You actually mean excercise / practice / Übung which either consist of a (new) lesson or a strengthen skill excercise.


hey, thanks. That probably took a lot of time to get all that math and answers i thank you. I owe you lingots

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