You really need to provide access to a basic grammar source in this program - for example - in numbers to know to drop the "o" from tercero in front of a masculine word ---- and.... many other intricate points!!!!!

June 21, 2012


I agree. Although you can do a google search for any grammar question you may have, it would be nice to have it included in the site.

Also true for German. There is not enough grammar info given and one has to use Google to look up the rules

But what would be the best way for them to present it? I'm guessing not a lot of people want to read thru boring rules about grammar. Having people correct your translation mistakes is one way you can start to learn them.... assuming they know the correct grammar

I have a good Spanish/English dictionary (hard copy) at hand, which is quicker than searching elsewhere or even on this program, if it had a dictionary. The grammar rules are included there. I just use a paperback, which you can find used on Amazon, really cheap. Light and handy.

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