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  5. "The spring season"

"The spring season"

Translation:Tymor y Gwanwyn

March 1, 2017



Would someone care to explain the grammar of this sentence? It looks as though the phrase directly would mean 'season/time of [the] spring'. Why does the definite article go with the season?


Yes you're right that the Welsh most accurately translates to "Season of the spring". The reason this happens is because this is how Welsh forms genitive constructions. Whereas English would say "Jenny's cat" or "The dog's bowl" Welsh says "Cat Jenny" (Cath Jenny) and "Bowl [of] the dog" (Powlen y ci).


I understand that, but why does the definite article go with the season? Why would 'y tymor gwanwyn' be incorrect?


Because Welsh forms genitives with the definite article between the nouns in the genitive not before.

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