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Popped Out of Lesson


I was working on my lessons in Spanish on Abstract Objects 1 when I was popped out of the lesson to my skill tree. I have only encountered this in Lesson 3, so far, and every time was with a listening question when I have to type the Spanish.

A few times I have been popped out before I can see the question, but the audio still plays. Most times I am popped out immediately after I have received the 'ding' that says I got the sentence correct. I'm not sure why this is.

I am not getting this bug with anything else.

I am using Opera 20.0.1387.64 on Win 7 64-bit.

I hope this helps!


March 8, 2014



Can you try with Chrome and let us know if this still happens?


I tried Chrome and that worked. I'm not running into this problem on that lesson anymore! Thank you!


Is it possible you're hitting the Backspace which is navigating your browser to the previous page?

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