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  5. "Medicina studiază bolile."

"Medicina studiază bolile."

Translation:Medicine is the study of diseases.

March 2, 2017



The English translation makes absolutely no sense!


It should be "Medicine studies diseases". Please report it.

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^ That doesn't work either. As a native English speaker, studying is something that only a living thing can do. Medicine can regard diseases, or deal with diseases, or cure diseases, but study? Nope. It just doesn't work.


Nah, it works. Medicine is a noun defined as "the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease". Medicine, the practice/discipline, does study diseases.


But the true study of diseases is surely pathology and medicine the study of treating diseases, diagnosis and prevention of diseases.

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I disagree, but even giving the benefit of the doubt, if it's TECHNICALLY right, it's still a strange way to put it, in the opinion of multiple native speakers. Maybe I'm crazy but I'd think that Duolingo would want to minimize unnatural/awkward/questionable grammar and syntax in their language courses.


I'm a native speaker as well, and while I agree that it probably isn't the best way to put it, if I can say "science studies the natural world" (and I definitely can) then I can also say "medicine studies diseases." As for minimizing awkward grammar and syntax, I very much agree. But translation isn't always as simple as we would like it to be. Looking at the English translation available for this sentence now, I don't think it's exactly ideal either. Sometimes (in my experience at least) a sentence that is a little wonky in English helps me to remember differences in grammar in my target language and ultimately improves my speaking ability. Just a thought.


Medicine is the study of diseases would be better.


You can report it so they fix it :) I did !


Ilai , thank you! In my native language it will be the same


Are you Bulgarian? If yes, that's gold!


I think that the Romanian phrase could be paraphrased: "Medical science studies diseases." As has been said, the literal translation makes no sense.


Still doesn't make sense, maybe "Medical science is the study of disease."?


Medicine can not study diseases!


The pronunciation of the word "medicina" is wrong... It sounds as "medicinĂ"...The correct pronunciation in Romanian is "medicinA"...


It should be..."medicina este studiul bolilor"


We deal here with an interpretation and not a translation.

The translation of the English sentence "Medicine is the study of diseases" has this mot-a-mot Romanian translation: "Medicina (as a science) este studiul bolilor." I ignore here the truth value of the sentence.

This interpretation "Medicina studiază bolile" is a correct sentence in the Romanian language, and can be used to explain what is the Medicine to a kid, but it is not the right translation.


Why not "medicină" (instead of "medicina")?


The noun in dictionary is "medicină".

In this sentence it is used "medicina" - the form with definite article, because we have to say something like

"This particular science studies diseases."


Medicine study the diseases

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