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"Monarhia englezească este fermecătoare."

Translation:The English monarchy is charming.

March 2, 2017



in fact, the state is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - there isn't an English monarch, or a British one


In normal language there's certainly "a British monarchy".


Whatever the politics! It's the British Monarchy at the moment!


in fact British...


If people are going to get picky the Queen is the Queen of countries beyond purely United Kingdom and Northern Ireland!l


The Queen is not only charming, but very hard working and a great inspiration for the role and ability of women across the world. She also has a good sense of humour and endless patience and tolerance and the ability to be diplomatic and pour oil on troubled waters; qualities which are sadly lacking in many other heads of state. She often is able to express sympathy and emotion for people going through disasters and difficult times in a way which makes everyone count, again a priceless jewel in this divided world where there is so much hatred and couldn't care less attitudes from so many politicians and business folk and interest groups.

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