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  5. "Học để tha thứ"

"Học để tha thứ"

Translation:Learn to forgive

March 2, 2017



Why is để used? In English, when I say learn to forgive, forgiving is what I am learning. So I would think that in Vietnamese I should say "học tha thứ". Putting để, isn't the meaning something like learn so that I may forgive?
We wouldn't say "học để nói tiếng việt, would we"?


you're half right. we usually say "học" directly followed by what is being learned, without "để" in between: "học tha thứ". however, the use of "để" is not uncommon either, it just bears a slight nuance. instead of telling the subject that is learned, it gives the reason one puts effort into the process of learning. "học để tha thứ" would mean to learn (an unsaid learned matter) and the process of learning that would help the person to know how to forgive: learn in order to forgive.

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