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  5. "Nhà báo dừng viết."

"Nhà báo dừng viết."

Translation:The journalist stops writing.

March 2, 2017



What does dừng mean?


Back in another exercise, we were given:

"Tôi đứng hát"

Which DL insisted was "I stand and sing".

Others contended that this should mean "I stand to sing", and the consensus among some native Vietnamese speakers seems to have been "I stand to sing" was if anything a better translation.

But there..."the journalist stops to write" is marked wrong.

This kind of confusion is well-nigh inevitable given DL's lack of proper instruction and "teaching" only by having us crash-test through exercises.


from my perception, "I stand to sing" doesn't sound a better translation to "tôi đứng hát". I would rather say "I sing while standing". the difference is the fact that someone is standing up for the song (the focus is on the verb stand), while the VNmese sentence just states someone is singing while they are in the standing position (the focus is on the verb sing). I would translate "I stand to sing" as "tôi đứng lên hát" or "tôi đứng lên để hát".

as for "stop writing" vs "stop to write", they have completely different meanings. the former says someone does not write anymore, they quit doing so. the latter says someone has stopped doing sthg in order to write, they do not quit writing but just start doing so. the VNmese sentence states that the journalist stops writing, not stops to write.


I forgot, wrote "The reporter stops writing." Was marked incorrect. "Reporter" and "journalist" have virtually the same meaning. Both should be accepted.

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