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  5. "Pentru nimic!"

"Pentru nimic!"

Translation:Don't mention it!

March 2, 2017



"You're welcome" should definitely be accepted if we translate phrases by meaning rather than literally, word for word.


As my father in law always says (in broken English): "for nothing"


Where does this expression come from? Is it some abbreviation?


It is an idiom. In English when someone thanks you it is polite to answer with ”Don't mention it!” or ”You are welcome!”.

In Romanian you respond with ”Pentru nimic!” or ”Cu placere!”

In French that would be ”il n'y a pas de quoi!” or ”de rien!”


I'm not sure where the expression comes from but we have the exact same one in Bulgarian. Not sure if it is used in the same way in Romanian, but in Bulgarian you use it after someone thanks you. So the meaning is like "There is nothing to thank me for", which corresponds to the meaning of the English phrase "Don't mention it!".


Yes it is used the same in Romanian. My romanian collegue said that to me after I thanked her. Same in spanish as well: "de nada"


Or, in Spanish: "¡No hay de qué!" (You're welcome, or Don't mention it!)


Nie ma za co! ("don't mention it" in polish) ;)


Pentru pace si popor!
La anu si la multi ani!


In Italian "non c'e di che"


In portuguese (at least in some parts of Brazil) we say "por nada", wich is literally the translation of "pentru nimic"


Are the words the same if you are telling someone not to talk about something? Such as please don't bring it up. Don't mention it. ??

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