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  5. "Anapika na sufuria."

"Anapika na sufuria."

Translation:He cooks with a pot.

March 2, 2017



Wrong answer for "She is cooking in a pot". It seemed more reasonable for me to translate to "in a pot" rather than "with a pot".


But doesn't that make it sound like she is stood inside the pot while cooking?


It could, but it should also be correct.


Interesting, so it looks like na in the meaning of with can mean both "together with, alongside" (someone, a companion) and "using" (something, a tool), same as the English word with, but unlike in some other languages (like Esperanto, which dinstinguishes between kun and per, respectively).


Shouldn't it be 'kwa'?


Why is "sufuria" constantly switching from "pot," to "pots," to "metal pot," to "metal pots?" It is very confusing, something a learning site should not be.


Mambo rafiki!

Sufuria belongs to N class words, so the same word can be translated to a singular or plural noun in English (a/the pot, pots or the pots)

I think that it is confusing also when the word pot is translated to Swahili. Because sufuria should be also a pan, a metal pot, and not one made of clay, earthenware pot. (ceramics)

The word for the latter would be chungu for singular, and vyungu for plural. (KI-VI class nouns)

I hope it helps! =)


In my variety of English (Midwestern American), we would never refer to anything made of clay as a pot. A pot would always be metal of some kind.

  • 1652

And in mine metal would be a saucepan and clay would be a pot. We even did pottery at school, where we made pots out of clay.


Why is "He cooks with the metal pot" incorrect? There are no articles in swahili so it could be "the metal pot" too instead of "a metal pot"


Agreed. Report it and they'll add it as a correct sentence.


She is cooking with a metal pot is as correct as he is cooking with a metal pot! There is no distinction between genders. Please explain why i am wrong.


My answer is He cooks with a pot


this man's voice puts me off learning because its so harsh and loud


What are different words for "pot" because im sure there's variation

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