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  5. "Το νερό του ελέφαντα."

"Το νερό του ελέφαντα."

Translation:The elephant's water.

March 2, 2017



Hello, why in this sentence, ελέφαντα doesn't end with "ου"? Thanks


Ο ελέφαντας is a masculine noun ending in -ας. These nouns have a specific way of declension.

ο ελέφαντας (sing., nom.) - οι ελέφαντες (plur., nom)

του ελέφαντα (sing., gen.) - των ελεφάντων (plur., gen.)

τον ελέφαντα (sing., acc.) - τους ελέφαντες (plur., acc.)

Nouns like άντρας, χάρακας, έλικας etc have a similar declension pattern. ^.^


"F" instead of "ph" in "elephant" should be considered a typo, not a wrong word


How do i put the accents where they are needed


If you have a physical keyboard, try pressing the key next to the L (where the semicolon is on a US keyboard), then pressing the vowel key.

If you have an onscreen keyboard, try long-pressing the vowel key.

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