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"Have a good afternoon Rashidi"

Translation:Mchana mwema Rashidi

March 2, 2017



What is the breakdown from njema and nwema?


In Swahili, each noun belongs to a noun class, and the beginnings of adjectives depend on the class of the noun or is modifying. (So here, we use asubuhi njema and mchana mwema.) This concept is introduced later in the duolingo course, but for now it is helpful to just be aware of this and get used to what combinations of adjective/noun are used.


Whats up with the voice audio whenever you click 'mchana'? It sounds like a different word to me


can i say "mchana nzuri"? thank you.


No, you cannot, because of the noun class mchana is from. It is possible you might be able to say mchana mzuri, but a quick google suggests it isn't actually used like that. Best to stick with mchana mwema.


You guys do very great on teaching the language but maybe fix the way "mchanna" is pronounced because it is wrong.


Mchana = Day Afternoon = Alasili

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