"She is the doctor, not me."

Translation:Ea este medicul, nu eu.

March 2, 2017

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Why is "medicul" or "doctorul" correct? It is a SHE? I would expect "Ea este doctoriĊ£a, nu eu". OK, for "medic" there is no female form as I have been told :)


Some people use the masculine form in a gender-neutral way. This is probably because:
1. it's shorter
2. some feminine names for professions sound ridiculous
3. it seems less of a hassle to use gender-neutral words where possible

I don't know whether this is something relatively recent or if it's more of a class divide (just yesterday, I saw a native speaker's flaming comment, which at some point mentioned that "only peasants use gendered words for professions" :) ).


My daughter would take a similar view in English - she is an actor, not an actress!

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