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Tinycards mobile-friendly website now live!

The Tinycards website is HERE! Check it out at tiny.cards

It used to only be available for iOS, but now Duolingo has built a responsive web version it so it's easy to use on both computers and mobile devices! And you can log in with your Duolingo account.

Tinycards, the fun flashcards app by Duolingo was named one of Apple's Top 10 Best Apps of 2016, and selected as the 2016 Mobile App of the Year by ProductHunt. You can use it to memorize vocabulary, study for tests, learn the capitals of Europe; anything really. Learn by studying with user-created decks, or create and share your own decks.

March 2, 2017


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Is there any way to leave feedback for a deck that has been shared?

Decks created by beginners in a language often contain errors in grammar and spelling, and even more advanced speakers might make an occasional typo.

March 3, 2017


I tried it a couple of hours ago.

Isn't it the same exact thing as Memrise??

Excuse me but I don't see the point in building something it already exists and works well. At least for now, I'm staying with Memrise

March 2, 2017


Yeah, it's similar to Memrise (which I use a lot as my profile there states), but it's good to have competition. It's like asking why there are so many car companies if just one type of car works well and can just transport you from point A to B. It's good to have different car companies to change things up and improve the overall industry, just like language sites and apps.

March 2, 2017


Yeaah, I agree with you. It's just my frustation seeing that Duolingo hasn't improved very much these past two years to find they are working on a feature it already exists. Actually there are plenty of apps like Memrise and TinyCards so there's actually a huge competition going on at the moment.

I just want the Language courses to be even stronger than now and to take you more far than you are now :3

March 3, 2017


I haven't used Memrise, but I see that tinycards allows you to select specific modules from a language and practice the vocabulary from that module. I don't know if that 'freshens' the wordlist back on duolingo though. Some documentation would be helpful.

March 2, 2017


Yes, but Memrise's flashcards are mostly vocab from Duolingo, and that's harming Duolingo.

Source: I found this on an article a few months ago, lost it though.

March 3, 2017


Memrise courses can be anything you want, it just happens that some users created decks based around the Duolingo vocabulary, because they use both. There are plenty of lists based on other products or standardised tests on there to. There's no specific intent to copy or harm Duolingo, it's just open for anyone to make a list and that is what some people used it for. Memrise is subtly different to Tiny cards, it's almost like a shared notepad, or something with the same crowdsourced approach as wikipedia, because you can ad mems to any course.

March 3, 2017


I think there's plenty of Memrise courses non-Duolingo related. Starting with all the japanese ones or non language related...

March 3, 2017


Excuse me, but I don't see the image itself, unless I open the image within a new tab?
Perhaps the direct link could be used.

Nice to see, though! The site looks great.

Edit: thanks, I can see the image now!

March 2, 2017


Yay! I'm excited to use it!

March 2, 2017


Thank you Duolingo team for bringing this platform to the web :) I have previously used it on iOS, but I prefer learning languages on a computer, and I know that many people don't have an iOS device. May I please add one suggestion though, and that is the ability to make folders of favourite decks? The favourites feature is already great but my starred section is getting quite long - it would be great to subcategorise these easily within the favourite section, e.g. a folder for Duolingo languages, geography, non-Duolingo languages etc.

Thank you :)

March 2, 2017


Pretty nice and cute...! I like it. :)

However, I have to say that personally I would have never traded the Immersion for it, especially since something similar to Tinycards already exists.

March 3, 2017


When I study Duolingo Italian Tiny Cards, do I receive "credit" in my word study on Duolingo Italian as well?

June 26, 2017



March 2, 2017


Glad to see something I can use on the web version

March 2, 2017



March 2, 2017


I'm so happy this is finally available to everyone! I noticed that this is best for mobile devices since it is easier to type in the various accents. On the PC version, I have the French, Spanish, and other language accent packs installed to type in the accents, but for other languages, it is difficult for me to type accents (I can't do the ALT+number thing since I don't have a side keyboard), so certain languages will be exclusive to the mobile version for me.

March 2, 2017


Glad to see a version for non-ios users. Tho the search seems off a bit, I was looking for esperanto decks and almost none came up, far less than appear in the ios version,my friend has it and the decks she mentions are not showing. I was able to find a few more by going to the users page then to decks. The decks I found this way had esperanto in the title, but don't appear in a search?

March 4, 2017


I have started to create my own deck. I am looking for how to add a card to a lesson. I created a new card that I wanted to add to lesson 1. I used the move feature to get the card into the lesson 1 group. Problem is that it pushed the last card that was originally in lesson 1 to lesson 1. It also moved the last card originally In lesson out to no lesson (I have only created two lessons.

May 5, 2017


I have been using the iOS version on my phone for a couple of months. Some times accented letters are there and some times not. I don't see them at all In the web version that I started using today. Only way right now is to use ALT keys which means you need a table in front of you to do niño.

May 5, 2017


Tinycards is a good, not yet great supplement to Duolingo language courses. Aligning with the Duolingo lessons is valuable and that in itself is an improvement over the other flashcard programs. The format of easily flipping the cards with simple keyboard taps is slick. The insertion of exercises is good.


1) There is no way of giving suggestions to Tinycards developers.

2) I am studying Spanish. Here is a big problem in the Spanish Tinycards. Many Americans do not know the difference between the adjective "good" and the adverb "well". The flashcards are mistakenly confusing "bueno" and "bien". This is serious since it is insistent about its error. I teach my English students the sentence "Good students study well" to clarify the most common use of the adjective modifying the noun and the adverb modifying the verb. The same is true in French "Les bons étudiants étudient bien" and Spanish "Los buenos estudiantes estudian bien."

3) My third concern is that the flashcard activities do not accept completely correct synonyms for the translations. It would be better to have the top few definitions permitted which the Duolingo program already does when you click on a word.

4) The rapidity with which a stack of completed cards gets old is unreasonable and somewhat discouraging.

Tinycards might yet be great with more development. Thank you for the good, useful work so far.

September 7, 2017


I enjoy using Tiny Cards -- but I just don't get the organization and there is nowhere to ask a question!!! For the past three days my email message says "you have learned 717 cards" and then sends me to the same deck I completed long ago. I can't see why or how Tiny Cards decides I've completed a deck, even ones I've done several times. The posted rules are completely inadequate. I'm just using them to practice with but have no sense of direction whatsoever!

October 13, 2017


Where are the posted rules? I must be overlooking them.

February 8, 2018


The Android version and the web version do not synch. Am I doing something wrong or do they just not synch?

February 8, 2018


there should be an icon on the top row of the main duolingo site for tinycards. !!

May 4, 2018


I can no longer search for an image online for tiny cards. It only gives me the option to choose from library. Is this happening to anyone else?

May 1, 2019
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