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Tinycards mobile-friendly website now live! (x-post from Duolingo English forum)

The Tinycards website is HERE! Check it out at tiny.cards

It used to only be available for iOS, but now Duolingo has built a responsive web version it so it's easy to use on both computers and mobile devices! And you can log in with your Duolingo account.

Tinycards, the fun flashcards app by Duolingo was named one of Apple's Top 10 Best Apps of 2016, and selected as the 2016 Mobile App of the Year by ProductHunt. You can use it to memorize vocabulary, study for tests, learn the capitals of Europe; anything really. Learn by studying with user-created decks, or create and share your own decks.

March 2, 2017



This is great that tiny cards are now on website since I use the computer more than my Ipad.


Could this tool be for android users too, thank you


Yes. The website is mobile friendly. :)


I'm glad to hear that


Awesome! Now I can use it to study!


I have a concern/issue with Duo Flashcards & the "words" being carried over to TinyCards - namely due to the "words" populating the sets when they are conjugations, but then the meaning/definition not including who/what was doing the action (it is not a conjugated definition).

I'll give examples, from Duo Flashcards -

"bauen" = build (not "to build" an unconjugated verb) "gewinnt" = wins (but who or whom wins?) "wohin" = where (but wo = where, "wohin" is conjugated somehow)

and what about including articles on the nouns or at least (masc, fem or neut)? A flashcard of a German noun without its masc, fem or neut designation only adds to the confusion of memorization and flipping cards. For a German noun its masc, fem or neut designation is almost more important than the word itself - the two are in all reality a single indivisible entity.

Sorry, just looking through my word list where it says I know 521 "words", but amazingly many are repetitions of verbs (in different conjugations - but none define the ich, du, er/sie/es, ... ), or nouns (singular & plural without masc, fem, neut designation) or pronoun conjugations (all with the same definitions respectively, but without whom/what it relates to). If I filtered out all these repetitions, I think the word list would be half what it says.

Maybe this isn't a TinyCards issue - but as TC is an aid to Duolingo & learning, it shouldn't take up more time (waste it actually) sorting the ambiguity of Duo words and definitions.


Tinycards is so great, i have tried it


why don't you have english in tinycards


Thats awesome!


IS there a way to keep track of my students' progress on vocabulary from Tinycards? I made a few decks but would to keep track of my students here as well.


Not at the moment, no. :(


I have the same question! So far it looks like "no".


Thanks for sharing the news. I sent a lingot your way. Had used the cards on computer and now that I've installed the app on my iPhone I'll be able to expand my practice. Thank you Duolingo!!!

[deactivated user]


    YES, so I like the idea of TINYCARDS, but not that I can't use my flashcards anymore. If I practice after a session I used to switch to WORDS and do a few sets but now they disappeared. I'd love to have both options and maybe add the graphics to the flash cards as well. It would even work better for my way of learning if I see an apple/manzana on the flash card. I used to work like that in school it's called mind "mapping"

    Do the TINYCARDS save the progress in the flashcards? Or is that a separate thing now?


    Nice, I try it. tak.


    hall000 i is a vietmaneeese i speak little inglish sorri if spelling bad


    Really interesting app! Thanks a lot.


    Thanks for making TinyCards, it really helps me study


    hi I'm looking everywhere to no avail for this problem....Yes I have tried trouble shooting!

    This is the reply a gave to someone telling us we don't need to add "fact" to save a set after it's been created (rather in creation!)

    "If you don't have to add a fact on the back image why people report they can't save it as it does for me. We get a popup warning like "you can't leave fact empty...Get it" what does this mean. It's weird because I managed one small set that is working well when it's impossible to save the one I really want to create, the one I did save was only a trial with 4 sets (minimum required)"

    Actually this is what it says:

    "Oh no! Your deck is not ready yet!

    It still needs: no facts left empty GOT IT!"


    I'm studying Greek and only have a tablet I am unable to find flashcards with audio. Is that available?


    Is there a way to use the Tiny Cards as an Assignment?


    TinyCards is being discontinued. I wouldn't build it into my curriculum at this point.

    https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/39200018 (the announcement; give it some time to load, it has over 1000 comments)

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