"Il ragazzo ha un biscotto al cioccolato."

Translation:The boy has a chocolate cookie.

February 24, 2013

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Why does the phrase use the word "al" instead of "del"? It makes sense to say the boy has a biscuit (of) chocolate rather than the boy has a biscuit (to the) chocolate. I find this confusing as an English speaker.


"Un biscotto di cioccolato" would be interpreted as a biscuit made of chocolate, but that would be a "cioccolatino"; "un biscotto al cioccolato" means a biscuit flavored with chocolate,and as such makes more sense. Prepositions can't always be directly translated between languages, unfortunately.


As an English speaker I would translate this as biscuit . There are many English speaking countries in the world, only a few would use cookie, many would use biscuit. What we need is to cover both and have 2 translations, so we cover biscuit and cookie .


I said biscuit not cookie!! So annoying. I agree with you!


Biscuit is accepted. December 2018.


Not any more. April 2020


Accepted again. June 2021


It's accepted again. June 2021


I also put biscuit and agree with this


I can't seem to spell chocolate in Italian lol


Reproduce Italian spelling of similar sounding word in english using italian pronunciation rules. So, the ciĆ² (cho) & cc (k) sounds under Italian rules remind me how to spell cioccolato in Italian.


I don't get this either. If the translation is "with chocolate" wouldn't it be "con"?

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    if you were translating this sentance literally, as you would say it in english, then yes. but in languages they have different ways of saying "with chocolate". like, they don't say 'with'. italians say 'al'


    Same in french "Un biscuit au chocolat"

    Probably a latin language rule.


    Would it be right to say : Il ragazzo ha un biscotto con cioccolato?


    The preposition "AL" when talking about food doesn't mean "to the", it expresses the cookie was made "with a chocolate style" thus, it is a chocolate cookie (not the exact translation but it is hard to explain). Also in Spanish and other romance languages it is the used preposition. Other examples could be "pollo A LA mexicana (spanish), penne AL burro (italian), pato a l'orange (french) "


    Dear Duo... with little time left in my day I just want to get all exercises correct... when I try to hurry I make silly mistakes... and get frustrated because I should know better.... but then when I get a wrong for a correct answer, I am even more frustrated. a chocolate biscuit and a chocolate cookie are the very same thing


    Cookie? Biscuit? For biscotto. Surely both are correct.


    I also thought it was strange that it rejected "eat." I understand it isn't a literal translation, but English uses "have" somewhat interchangeably with "eat."


    In Italian that's never the case.


    Fascinating! Thanks for the clarification, f.formica!


    Can't it be un biscotto cioccolato? Or is it a mistake?


    I think that would be a mistake. In Italian it is "[dish as noun] 'a'+[article] [flavour as noun]". The English way is "[flavour as noun] [dish as noun]". The construction "[dish as noun] [flavour as adjective]" is not good either.


    My Italian-English dictionary says that chocolate is a feminine word spelt: la cioccolata. Linguee.com says it can be either (https://www.linguee.com/english-italian/translation/chocolate.html). Does anyone know why to use feminine or masculine?


    In Portuguese we use to say um chocolate ao leite but not um biscoito/bolacha ao chocolate. However, it reinforces that people say around here relating to similarities between languages.


    I turned listening exercises off accidentally, how do i turn them back on?


    You can turn them on in your settings.


    Go to setting in your page and then go down i think there is "speaking skill" that is off ... turn on Reply to me again if you'll have problem:>


    what the diffent betwin Biscute anf cockie?????????????????????


    There is no big difference between a biscuit and a cookie. Biscuit is British English and cookie is American English. A difference of taste ;-)


    Not accepted August 21


    What is not accepted? Please quote your translation.


    Wait, why biscuits is wrong? Isn't that the same?


    "Biscuits" is plural. "a chocolate biscuit" is accepted AFAIK.

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