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Cantonese Short Lesson 10.4: ¦¦ Vocab: Clothing! ¦¦

Welcome! Tonight you will learn some words to do with clothing, and hopefully some verbs as well!

Types of clothing

trousers = (fu3)

scarf = 頸巾 (geng2 gan1)

gloves = 手套 (sau2 tou3)

underwear = 內衣 (noi6 ji1)

T-shirt = T卹 (T seot1)

hat = (mou6)

shoe(s) = (haai4)

coat = 外套 (ngoi6 tou3)

socks = (mat6)

Verbs for description

wear = 穿 (cyun1)

tie (as in `to tie laces' ) = (bong2)

buckle (only for (seat)belts) = (kau3)

Thank you for reading this. Question are, as always, more than welcome!

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March 2, 2017


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How do you pronounce the words?

March 2, 2017


The pronunciations are given in brackets next to the Cantonese translations. There are many resources on Google that you can use if you are a little struggling with the numbers (dialects).

March 2, 2017
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