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Nouns and articles in Swahili

Since Swahili has no definite or indefinite articles, I believe lone nouns should accept both the noun by itself, with "the", and with "a", as possible translations. Ex.: mtoto = kid, the kid, a kid / child, the child, a child

March 2, 2017



You are correct! The course contributors ask that you please report sentences where you find that a definite or indefinite article is not accepted. This was addressed in the most recent status update in the incubator (https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/sw/en/status):

"We want to encourage the Duolingo community to keep submitting reports on errors on the text exercises. There are instances where articles such as the or a/an are not present in the English translations, for example, so we want to make sure those are there!"


Sounds good. I'll make sure to not skip any! Thanks for the reply.

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