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  5. "Mein Freund bleibt nicht."

"Mein Freund bleibt nicht."

Translation:My friend is not staying.

March 8, 2014



Just as a small protest as an aromantic person, I refuse to use the words "boyfriend"/"girlfriend" when I translate "Freund"/"Freundin". I refuse to just assume a romantic connection in a sentence this small... ;)


Sadly, Alone tonight ;(


Bleiben is translated as "stay" but is it not more existential, as in "to be present" or "to exist?" Does it only refer to concrete situations?


The translation to "stay" is accurate in almost uses of "bleiben" I could think of.

Exceptions and examples:

  • "Nach all diesen Jahren bleibt er die einzige Person der ich vertraue." "After all these years, he remains the only person I trust."

  • "Er ist und bleibt mein bester Freund." "He is and stays my best friend."


Is "my friend does not stay" and "my friend is not staying" always translated the same way? Is there a way to distinguish between a one-off event (i.e. "not staying") and something that is routine ("does not stay, ever")?

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