"Faridi is washing the pot."

Translation:Faridi anaosha sufuria.

March 2, 2017

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The mouse over text for " is" and "washing" is "ni" and "kunawa" respectively.

The text provides no hint to "anaosha" being the correct translation.


Unfortunately, the hints can't give you everything. They generally go by words, so every time the word "is" appears, it will say the same thing. Also, Swahili has many different words for "wash". The ones I know so far are:

kunawa = to wash (hands, face)
kufua = to wash (clothes), to beat
kuoga = to wash (whole body), to bathe, to shower
kuosha = to wash (other things)

I think there are a maximum of three spaces for the hints.

In any case, you lose nothing by making a mistake ... in fact, you learn better by making a mistake, seeing the correct answer and being tested on it again after several other sentences, than simply by copying the hint, getting it right, and not seeing it again until the next time you have to strengthen that skill.


Agh! I was using kuosha for many tasks, and was marked wrong on all of them, and when I finally used another word, it was supposed to be kuosha.

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