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Course relationship graph again

Six months ago I posted a graph of the course changes in the last six months. I thought it was time for an update.

Here is a graph of everything which has changed in the last six months

course relationship graph

Red is incubating, yellow is beta and green is graduated.

The full graph is pretty massive so I won't embed it. Take a look here.

The data was generated by interrogating the Duolingo API with a python script and formatting the data for graphviz.

If there's more information Duolingo provides that you'd like to see on the next graph then let me know.

March 2, 2017



Nice job!

(BTW, love the profile pic)


The profile pic was drawn by a friend of mine when he heard my username. I'll let him know you like it too.


That's so cool !!


Very nice.

So basically parsing the Duolingo API generated JSON file, parsing the JSON and then generating source code for a GraphViz file from that.

I have applied similar techniques to parse some external file and then generating GraphViz files very many times to create all kind of GraphViz graphs (Java thread dumps, netstat output, SSL output, SSL certificates, configuration files, ...).


I give 5 Lingots for this.


Wow! :)

I bet the full graph would be even bigger if it was the same style as your October graph back in https://imgur.com/a/XbLg3 .

Imagine what that would look like once Duolingo starts adding some more languages first for speakers of something other than English or Spanish. Maybe something like Wolof for French speakers?


Here's the circo version: http://i.imgur.com/OJDFBOo.png. I would like to see more non-English hubs in the language graph too, but the eventual goal is presumably a full mesh of all languages to all languages so there'll not be any more hubs at all.



Note: My current choice would be though the original representation, as this is probably a bit more cluttered, less overview.

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