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Hi people! Vamos praticar inglês básico?

Para aprender de verdade temos que praticar...vamos lá

Começaremos sobre cada um se apresentando..ok? (idade, onde mora, o que faz da vida...) Obs: para iniciantes.

March 2, 2017

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My name is Ricardo, I live Guarujá-SP.. I am 29 years old... I'm teacher computer.


Hi Ricard, very cool! I like to do many things, read books, study English, because I would like to travel to EUA... and you...Why are you atuding English?


Hi everybody! My name is Danilo, I live in Itu near of Sorocaba. I'm graduated in Systems Analysis, 36 years old... It's my second day studying English here in duolingo and I enjoying that experience. Actually I studying English because I want travel to Australia to do an exchange. Well but first, I trying study by myself to improve my skill.


Hi, my name is Amanda, it's 19 years old and I live Rio de Janeiro. I am engineering student. I love read book, listen music and eat hamburger. I think better we make a group on whatsapp to practice our english.


Hello Mandinha! Add my number: 15 99614-2832 My Name is Évelin and I'm 25 years old, I live in São Paulo and I'm student Fisical Education. Let's talk on whatsapp!


My name is Orlando. I live in São Paulo, Brazil. I have 53 years old and I work in retail's company


Hi Guys! My name is Évelin, I'm 25 years old, I live in Sorocaba/SP. I english is very basic, sorry kkkkk....BUT, I'm looking for someone to speak in English with me in whatsapp, because is more easy to speak.


If you want my number >> 2199232-3233. We can practice there :D


Hi, how are you? My name is Lucas, i have 21 years old and i'm looking for someone too to practice english :). See ya


Hi Évelin, Good answer, who knows we can create a group on whats ... it's really cool


Hello ,i have 15 years ,how are you ? ,i live Campo Belo (MG) ,i am student and i am 2year médium


Hi Giu, I fine thanks and you? What song do you like to listen? What your singer do you like?

Aprenda um idioma em apenas 5 minutos por dia. De graça.