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  5. "Jioni njema Rehema"

"Jioni njema Rehema"

Translation:Have a good evening Rehema

March 2, 2017



Why would "good evening" not be an acceptable translation for this one?


I suppose because 'good evening' is a greeting but the translation should be wishing you a good evening.


It just marked me correct for "Good evening" so they must have added this answer. (April 2018)


They just told me it wasn't okay. April 20th 2020


I dont get from the lections when to use njema and mwema. Could someone explain?


If you go to the lesson on adjectives and click on the tips & notes (light bulb), there is a lot of information on adjective agreement.

The form mwema is used with the M/WA noun class, e.g.:
"mwanafunzi mwema" = the good/kind/nice student .

Nouns in class N/N (including "jioni") take a rather complicated variety of prefixes on the adjective, usually m-, n- or nothing. But point 4 says that the adjective -ema is an exception, as the prefix becomes nj- with a class N/N noun.
So: "Jioni njema" = Good evening, "soksi njema" = nice socks.


Is this for hello, or goodbye?


What's the Difference between "Habari a jioni" and "Jioni Njema"?? Which one is more common??


"Habari za ...?" (you missed out the 'z') is a question, meaning "news of...?", and requires an answer, usually "Nzuri" (good, fine).
"Jioni njema" is not a question (just as "good evening" is not a question).

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