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  5. "Habari za usiku?"

"Habari za usiku?"

Translation:How's the night?

March 2, 2017



Question: Habari za usiku - how is the night? Habari za jioni - how is the evening? Are these correct?


I'm trying to find a way to remember that "usiku" means "night", so I've come up with "you sleep good" (which sort of rhymes with "usiku" I'm guessing, although without audio I can't be sure) as a memory aid. Hope this helps someone! :)


Lol awesome. After ive played this level over n over i realized "Asubuhi" and "Usiku" both have "u"s and "mchana" makes me think "morning after" becasue it's afternoon


Thank you, it helped me too❤


Which is the difference between "za", "ya" and "la"?


"Za" is used with prurals and "ya" for singular


I KNOW IT'S A LONG COMMENT BUT PLEASE READ IT. IT MIGHT HELP SOME OF YA'LL OUT. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YA, ZA,LA E.T.C : 'Ya' &' La' are used if the "ngeli" of the word being talked about is li- ya. Za is used if the "ngeli " of the word talked about is i-zi or * u-zi*. They all mean the same thing- it's like [--'s] in English but can not be used on the same word because all words are categorized in a different "ngeli". For example, you can say "gari LA Juma ni kubwa" ( Juma's car is big) in singular but " magari YA Juma ni kubwa (Juma's cars are big) in plural. Another example is you can use the ngeli of li-ya for the word 'gari'( car) but can not use the same ngeli if talking about living things like people or animals. I hope you know what "ngeli" is cause I don't know how to translate it in English & I hope this helps you. I'm from Kenya so you can take my word for this. I just came here to earn xp not learn. I'm sure of my statement.


I lived in Tanzania for a while and you would only say 'habari za usiku' to a prostitute! It's actually offensive. Generally at night people would say 'habari za jioni' - even though 'joini' is 'evening'


When is za used and when is ya used?


Are "usiku"-night and "siku"-day realted? I just thought they might be because of their similarities.


So wrong go learn swahili because im in kenya like if you are to


Yes, perfectly. But I am just a beginner


The translation of "za" is "of" but it means "your"?

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