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  5. Swahili is now on mobile :)


Swahili is now on mobile :)

I just saw Swahili on iOS.

Join Swahili club? 75CFWS

Congrats to the Swahili team!

March 3, 2017



I joined the club but I won't be learning on mobile for a while. Some reasons:

  • It took me 5 minutes to get through one lesson. So many exercises
  • Oh yeah, the exercises were very repetitive. The same sentence again and again
  • I forgot how much I detest mobile. The tapping exercise to make sentences makes me shudder. I hate it. I haven't seen the matching exercise, so hopefully in the two months I was gone it was removed but I'm assuming Swahili just doesn't have it.
  • Out of the 30 some exercises I did, I translated English to Swahili once. I have noticed this course is worse than most others at translating to target language. I rarely ever translate to Swahili on desktop either. It is increasingly difficult for me to translate to Seahili.
  • Reporting. I don't see why Beta courses go on mobile. The report feature has two options, "My answer was correct" and "other error". You can't even describe your error. I am currently trying to help the Swahili course and reporting everything I find, and I can't do that with this Mobile app very well

When this course enters phase 3 I might be back. By then I'm hoping to have gone through the entire tree at least three times so I can help remove the errors


I have to admit - I am also surprised the course was released on mobile so quick as well! I'm not quite sure how the mobile algorithms work in selecting which exercises are chosen...

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I'm pretty certain that's the fastest I've ever seen a language go to mobile; Romanian isn't even on there yet. I figured it would take longer for Swahili to appear on there because of the "limited beta" thing

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Are you on iOS? I'm pretty certain I have more reporting options available on the app than just that (on Android). I actually find that I have that problem with the mobile version of the web interface. If I use Duolingo on the web on my phone, I can't report anything, but if I do that on my tablet (at least in landscape mode), I can. Weird.


Yeah I noticed that too last night when I got fed up with the app. I switched to mobile and I noticed I couldn't report. I guess I could always go Desktop site on mobile.


Really!? Whoa!! I might start learning it now


I was surprised when I saw this. Romanian hasn't even made it to the mobile yet. I'm progressing very slowly because I find that the spelling of a number of the words is very similar, and the course is very strict about what answers you can give ("good morning" versus "have a good morning, etc). But I'll take the opportunity to practice it wherever I am


Can I learn Swahili on Android already? My app says it's not supported on mobile.


I'm not sure, sorry. I think it is, though...


Thanks. Updated the app and it works :)


I just joined your club :)


Why is there no audio? How do I know if I am pronouncing the words correct?


I just made a new club! Join before space runs out! The code is: QV7MBR

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