Who knows Esperanto?

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What do you think of it? Would you recommend learning it and, if so, why? Where do you find Esperanto learning resources or media in Esperanto? They seem pretty scarce.

February 24, 2013


I speak Esperanto fluently and I have many friends who do, too. I can recommend the Lernu courses - especially Ana Pana / Ana Renkontas and Mi Estas Komencanto, both of which are for absolute beginners - but I'm also hoping to see Esperanto on Duolingo soon.

Also, if you want to make Esperanto-speaking friends, there's a large community on Facebook. Just post that you're learning Esperanto in the Esperanto group on Facebook and looking for contacts and soon you won't be able to stop the friend requests from coming in.

February 25, 2013
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Thank you, maybe I'll try it when I've got a little better handle on Spanish.

February 25, 2013

I started to learn it three weeks ago, and my father, who speaks esperanto since i wasn't even born, had a heart attack of joy after attesting my progress. It's really easy. I 'd totally support you to go for it. About the resources: "Lernu!" And my favorite "Kurso 4.0" :: :: Start with "Kurso 4" then you can go "Lernu!" and start "Bildoj Kaj Demandoj / Ana Pana / Ana Renkontas / Gerda Malaperis" simultaneously, that's what i'm doing. About media: Muzaiko is an amazing radio in esperanto. :: :: To listen to, click in the huge red icon with the sentence "Aŭskultu tuj per Radionomy!". I have tons of website with news, forums, music in esperanto. Unfortunately it is bookmarked in my home's computer and i can't give it right now. :)

February 27, 2013
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Thanks a lot, that's a lot of stuff. I'm interested in learning it one day because the people I've communicated with or read about who know Esperanto, like you, all seem so enthusiastic. It seems like learning Esperanto would be an excellent and quick way to become a part of a warm and welcoming language community, even if it's smaller than some others.

February 27, 2013

I have studied it only for one week only (shame on me), a good resource is . I think it helps a lot to understand the grammar. You are forced to understand what a noun, an adjective, a verb is... because the word ending changes accordingly!

Not many people use it, at least that is my perception, but it's pretty easy especially if you know to some extent a romance and a germanic language.

It's fun to understand how it works, then you can resume it any time. That's what I do! :D

February 24, 2013
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Thanks for your response.

February 24, 2013

Esperanto is now in beta!

June 6, 2015

Duolingo one day will support Esperanto... and Ido.. too

February 24, 2013

Ido too? cool. I haven't looked at other Esperantidoj, but I like Ido, mostly.

November 15, 2013

It supports it now :D

June 5, 2015
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What makes you think so?

February 25, 2013

That's just the way information technology is headed. The Rosetta Stone software team apparently has the lead on language acquisition right now (marginally), but people don't like that it's so expensive. They likely will just head over here to learn what they can for free, and the team over at Duolingo notice this by eventually adding as many languages as their smaller team can handle. Sooner or later corporations such as Rosetta Stone will have to make their information a lot cheaper if not free to stay competitive or relevant in the future.

February 25, 2013

i had to learn it in school, in the late 80's - I have still retained some of it, surprisingly, given that I have never had the opportunity to use it in the "real world"

February 25, 2013

Jen grupego en Facebook (pli ol 11.000 anoj) Here = you have a big group on Facebook (more than 11.000 members). Here is the description (quite long) ESPERANTO, LA INTERNACIA LINGVO Parolu Esperante por pli justa komunikado! Bonvenon!


✓Kursoj: ⋆Plurlingvaj: Programo
Universala Metodo


⋆Per Youtube Mazi, Pasporto, Ana Pana...ĵoj

✓Radioj 24 h:


✓Vortaroj ⋆Plurlingvaj senreta por Android





⋆Landaj, fakaj

✓Esperanta gramatiko

✓Esperanta traduka frazaro





✓Tekstaro (korpuso)

✓Ĉapeligiloj (ĉĝĥĵŝŭ ĈĜĤĴŜŬ)


✓Socia reto



✓Esperanta TV


✓Babilejo: [skype]

✓Grupoj en Facebook, indekso

✓Kelkaj gravaj el la supra indekso


Ni denove bonvenigas vin! Tio ĉi estas la ĉefa Esperanta grupo ĉe Facebook! La ĉefa lingvo de la grupo estas Esperanto. Oni uzu aliajn lingvojn por doni klarigon. Dankon al ĉiuj kiuj plibonigas nian mondon!

[eo] Internacia kaj facila lingvo! [...] [en] International and easy language! [es] ¡Lengua internacional y fácil! [fr] Langue internationale et facile ! [ru] Международный простой язык! [zh] 世界语是容易学习的国际语文

September 26, 2013

I would love to see Esperanto here. As for resources, they are scarce because Esperanto is such an easy language that I don't think it is even necessary. Lernu is a good site for that.

February 25, 2013

I never made it past "la hundo kai la kato kantas bele in la giardeno" :-)

February 26, 2013

If Esperanto was on here I would really consider trying to learn it to see if it really is as easy as people say, I have signed up to lernu but I don't like it as much as this site, I like the audio on it more than this site though, hopefully soon they will add the tools so people can add their own languages on here, then maybe Lernu will put their content on here. :-)

June 30, 2013
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Yeah, I tried Lernu but its format felt very unwieldy compared to Duolingo, so I decided to leave it for a while. I hope you're right and that when users can add their own languages someone will add Esperanto.

July 1, 2013

ah I'm glad I'm not the only one, I think I was spoilt by this great website I tried Lernu but was awful compared to this. I think the content was good but the site is not that great. Only other problems I would have with esperanto is I can't just play a blu-ray and switch audio to Esperanto, esperanto doesn't seem to have the same kind of content as Spanish, German, French etc. Can see the appeal of learning an easy language to communicate with but would be bothered that I wouldn't be able to find any speakers of it lol, a lot of people seem to disparage Esperanto saying it isn't great for people who don't speak a european language etc that is offputting as well, it gets talked about in the same sentence as the Klingon language from Star Trek quite a bit I've noticed too..

July 1, 2013

I wish I knew. My mom told me and I want to learn it.

October 20, 2013

Esperanto has some flaws (hard pronunciation, hard to type on computer, lack of gender neutrality, etc.). People designed another language Ido to fix these flaws. If I were you, I would probably go with Ido.

February 24, 2013
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Where do you find resources for Ido? Seems like they would be even harder to find than stuff for Esperanto.

February 25, 2013

I prefer Ido to Esperanto (purely a matter of taste, I suspect) so for that reason I've chosen to study Ido over Esperanto. Ido does have very few resources and few speakers, however.

There is an Esperanto community; if it appeals to you then that may make it worth pursuing.

November 13, 2013

If you learn some esperanto, you should understand Ido...

I was peeking at the wikipedia page for that language...

(I never heard of Ido before today... I am so ignorant)

February 25, 2013

While I like Ido, Esperanto is way more popular, and they are very similar, so you may as well learn them both. Or just learn one, then the grammar of the other.

November 15, 2013

The problem with Ido is that hardly anyone speaks the language, whereas Esperanto has at least a million users.

February 25, 2013

Me parolas Ido, ma nur poke.

November 13, 2013

Ido was created by a Frenchman who thought that Esperanto didn't have enough French-derived vocabulary. He also abolished most of the suffixes, so that you have to learn more word roots in order to communicate in Ido. This make Ido is easier to understand than Esperanto for people who know French, somewhat easier for people who know another Romance language, but much harder for everyone else.

November 16, 2013

But hey, at least they came up with some nice affixes. -oza is still unofficial in Eo, right?

November 16, 2013

+1 for Ido and I am not sure why some people cannot handle opinions and vote down. This will discourage useful discussions.

April 20, 2015

I been learning Esperanto using Duolingo but I'd prefer to be learning Ido. It seems a much improved version to me.

October 28, 2016
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