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  5. "How are you doing at home?"

"How are you doing at home?"

Translation:Hamjambo nyumbani?

March 3, 2017



How do you know when to use a form of jambo vs habari?


Why is it only acceptable to use the you all form here? Hujambo was not accepted but it does not specify plural or singular you.


While technically it does not specify, I do think it is often implied to be plural.

Often an interaction would consist of several greetings in succession, and this would be asked after already inquiring about the individual ("hujambo?") So to follow with the singular "hujambo nyumbani?" doesn't make much sense.

Very few people that I met in Tanzania lived alone. When I heard this said (it was pretty common), I think the question meant something more like, "How is everyone (including you) at home?" It doesn't literally mean, "How are you (singular) when you (singular) are at home?"

Not sure if I'm making any sense but I hope something in this rambling mess helps someone!


3/28/2020 even if it is common for people to live together I think the singular format should be accepted if it is not incorrect grammar


Just a course error. Report it.


"Mnaendeleaje" too is a perfect translation


Why cant I say Umedhindaje nyumbani?


I am also curious about that. I dared not report it, as I'm not confident it's right... but I'd like to know for sure, regardless.


I typed Umeshindaje Nyumbani too. Will like to know if it is acceptable too


How do you know when to use habari vs. a form of jambo?


In the course, I'm not sure. In Tanzania, you would use them all! Greetings can be quite long with one question followed by another, followed by another.


Jambo means 'hi', not 'how are you?', right?


Mambo means hi/what's up. -jambo means fine/no problem


So with a question mark "hujambo?" means "are you fine?" Or exclamation "hujambo!" "You are fine!"


Ok the hints are wrong

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