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  5. "How is the afternoon sister?"

"How is the afternoon sister?"

Translation:Habari za mchana dada?

March 3, 2017



Why is the answer "habari za" if za is the plural conjugation? Wouldn't it be "habari ya"?


My understanding is that the statement's literal translation is "news of the afternoon." While English speakers generally consider news in the singular sense, Swahili regards it as plural. Therefore, za is using plural to refer to the plural word "habari" meaning "news."

Hope this helps!


But in this case you can´t know if the questioner wants to know a piece of news or news. If the questoner just want´s to know a piece of news it is also correct to say habari ya. :*


One of the options for this multiple choice is "Salama za mchana dada?" Now I know this is not correct, but it did get me thinking--can you phrase this as a question? Such as: "Mchana ni salama dada?


I'm no expert, but I think you can phrase it as "Mchana salama dada?"

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