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Notifications delayed [problem]

Hi. I have set my notifications to be sent by 7pm, like in the PrtSc below:

and I have just checked my mails and the thing is they did not appear yesterday by the set time, but after 00:00: mymail.

What was the problem ? Why did they come to me so late? Thanks.

March 8, 2014



Hi, you should post this in troubleshooting section. That way doulingo team can notice it more easily. You can do this by pressing edit and than in left upper corner just choose troubleshooting from the dropdown menu.

btw I don't know if it is there by default or you have to subscribe to troubleshooting section in order to have it in the dropdown menu.


Oh thanks, I should have thought to put it just there.


The notifications have not appeared today either. It is 20:40 and nothing:(


I haven't gotten my notifications in a few days either.

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