Translation:He is fine.

March 3, 2017

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What is the difference between Hujambo, Hawajambo, and Hatujambo? How do I know when to use them?


sijambo -- I am fine

hujambo -- you are fine

hajambo -- he/she is fine

hatujambo -- we are fine

hamjambo -- you (pl) are fine

hawajambo -- they are fine


Thanks so much, this was very helpful!!


does hajambo not also mean how are you?


No. Hajambo refers to third person singular (he/she). Hujambo is second person singular (you). Also, this sentence doesn't end with a question mark, so it is not a question.

Hujambo more literally it means "you have no problems". As in English, a sentence can become a question through intonation, so it can also be "you have no problems?" As a question is equivalent to "how are you?" in English, and as a statement it serves as the answer.

I think most often hujambo and hamjambo will be heard as questions, sijambo and hatujambo as responses ("hujambo?" "sijambo" / "hamjambo?" "hatujambo"), whereas hajambo and hawajambo will go both ways ("baba hajambo?" "hajambo" / "watoto jambo?" "hawajambo"). But don't quote me on that.


I think that different ones are plural or singular or 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person.


i answered this, "how are you" why is that incorrect?


Because it's third person, so it means "how's s/he" or "s/he's fine", not "you".


to add to the above comment, this is a response to a greeting, not the greeting itself, unless it is posed as a question (Hajambo? - 'How is he/she?'; Hajambo. - 'He/She is fine'). 'hajambo' is an amalgamation of 'hana jambo'


how do you conjugate?


I wrote "is he fine?" And it said incorrect


In another lesson hajambo was How is he? So which one is it?

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