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Got wrong 'correct answer' on a question

I was doing the Hungarian course and I have good reasons to believe I've been given a wrong 'correct answer'.

Q: My neighborhood is on the route to his house.

A: Őhozzá menet útba esik, ahol lakom.

on skill Places/7

it's the regular translate to tl type question and was also the first one in the lesson

When I go to sentence discussion, the actual sentence given as translation is:

A környékem az ő házához vezető útvonalon van.

March 8, 2014



the second time it gave the correct answer though


I don't intend to be mean, but to be helpful with my comment here. The discussion boards are not the place to report problems like this. When you are doing an exercise and you see a problem like the one you describe, there is a button to click that says "report problem". At least there is in the Spanish for English speakers lessons. And if you have gone on past that lesson (so that the button is no longer available to you) there is a button on the left side of the page that I think says "Support" where you can report the problem.

If you're using the button right there on the question/answer page, the Duo folks will automatically know which question you are reporting an error on. If you click the button on the left, you need to tell them which question you are talking about, as you did here.

Those buttons get moderated and acted upon. Posts here in the discussion boards probably won't get seen by someone who can fix the software. Thanks, though, for wanting to help improve Duolingo. I love the atmosphere of community here,

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