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How long does it take to turn a tree gold? (Video link)

On February 24th I decided to see how long it would take to turn my neglected tree gold again. This is the first video. The update will be posted soon.


March 3, 2017



Something we all have to do sometime...are you going to say how long in time or how many sessions or both?


My goal is about 85 XP per day and see how long it takes. If it's not going fast enough I might up the XP.


I have been not neglecting my tree, but it is not gold. I have probably recently done like 1 practice every 3-4 days in Esperanto (I've been mostly going over french recently). Anyway, I'm going to next week give up my 500+ day streak since where we're going to camp next week, there is no cell signal it seems. I was surprised I made it this long (though it's a bit of a cheat since I did have to use the streak freeze several times).


Just had to brag one more time before the streak is gone ... :)

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